CPA for Contractors in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, San Antonio, and Nearby Cities

As a contractor in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, San Antonio, or the surrounding area, you are probably wondering who would make the best CPA for contractors. You can start and end your search with the team from S|CPA Group | A Member of the S|CPA Network as they understand what contractors like you need in a CPA. Their approach to client service depends on building long-term relationships with a comprehensive understanding of your financial picture as a contractor, as well as understanding your goals and objectives. Their partners meet personally with clients year-round to answer their questions and to discuss planning ideas and strategies. Don’t wait, call S|CPA Group | A Member of the S|CPA Network today to learn how they can make a difference in your business today.

What Should a Contractor Expect in a CPA?

It’s easy to find CPAs in your area, but what you really need is a CPA that understands contractors and their business. A CPA for contractors needs to be looking out for the contractor’s business interests. This means that they should be looking for ways to improve the business and coming to the contractor with opportunities that they have identified. Your CPA needs to be your advisor, one that you can trust, and to earn that trust the CPA must go beyond just doing the basics needed.

Speaking of being a trusted advisor, this includes having conversations that address all aspects of your contracting business. You will likely have regular conversations regarding the operations of the business, various projects that you have going on, and where that work is presently at, as well as other financial aspects of the business. But these conversations should also include other aspects, such as insurance and bonding, as well as the succession plan and what the owner is looking for from the business. A CPA for contractors needs to also disagree with the contractor from time to time where appropriate. You are paying for professional advice, and sometimes that advice will be in the form of telling the contractor what their plans won’t work, along with an explanation of why.

These conversations need to be open, honest and sometimes wide-ranging in order to get the most value from them. CPAs for contractors will then be able to really help the business grow in ways that were not obvious when the relationship started. The contractor should feel comfortable calling their CPA at any time to ask questions, clarify a point, or for any other reason. This shows that there is a good level of trust in the relationship. And while having a good relationship is important, the CPA also needs to ensure that they are staying on top of the education they need to be that trusted advisor that contractors seek in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. S|CPA Group | A Member of the S|CPA Network wants to be your CPA for contractors.

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