Construction Financial Statements & Financial Statements for Surety Bonds Preparation
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Construction Financial Statements

As a construction company that relies on surety bonds, you require CPA-prepared construction financial statements. Contractors need various statements, including:
Your company’s financial statements are critical sources of information to private investors, stockholders, and creditors. For example, stakeholders can review gross profit, receivables, and payables to predict profitability. Lenders use financial statements to assess your creditworthiness when determining lines of credit and loan terms.

At the S|CPA Group, a member of the S|CPA Network, we compile, review, and audit construction financial statements. Learn more below about these services and their value for your business.

Review of Construction Financial Statements

The three levels of CPA-prepared financial statements are:
The compilation level summarizes your financial statements and doesn’t provide any assurance. However, this level is the most affordable and is often suitable for small contractors.
A review is a limited financial statement examination to report your statements’ plausibility. This level provides limited assurance that the statements will undergo no material changes.
An audit involves extensive testing and the implementation of analytical procedures to provide the highest level of financial assurance.
To find out which basis of presentation is the right option for your construction company, contact us and consult with one of our certified professional accountants.

Financial Statements for Surety Bonds