Accounting for Real Estate Professionals plus Most Other Industries in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Plano, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

    We provide professional accounting services for, but not limited to, Real Estate Brokers & Developers in many locations in Texas including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Our staff ensures that there is secure data transfer between our office & clients enabling them to work without any interruption or hindrance from us. Some services we offer are financial statement compilation, tax planning, returns preparation and more.

    We are Specialists in the Construction Industry
    We also offer Accounting Services to industries such as:

    CPA for Realtors

    We focus on providing comprehensive CPA advisory services for Realtors. Our expertise in the real estate accounting industry also helps us perform ongoing accounting services, year-end audits, and preparation of company financial statements. Our in-depth knowledge in the real estate industry was obtained from significant experience working with Realtors. We understand that each client has slightly different needs, which is why we offer more personalized & flexible services for each client.

    CPA for Real Estate Developers

    At S|CPA Group, we have specialized in accounting services for Real Estate Developers for many years and we know that accounting activities are not an exact science. Regardless of the accounting tool used, the chances of making mistakes exist to a considerable extent. However, we make sure that your firm can take care of business without having to worry about financial errors.

    Financial statements for real estate brokers and developers Austin

    For Accounting Services
    from Dallas-Fort Worth through Austin & San Antonio

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    If you need accountants for your construction company or other vertical, our team at S|CPA Group is ready to provide timely professional services that will elevate your business and foster success. Call us today at 512-373-8239 to talk to us about what you need from an accountant!


      Financial Statements for Real Estate Brokers and Developers

      When it comes to handling the accounting activities, many real estate entities look for outside CPA services rather than hiring in-house employees. We provide financial statements and customized accounting services for real estate companies including Real Estate Brokers and Developers.

      Accounting for Real Estate Brokers and Developers

      Whether you are managing a brokerage company or are an independent real estate developer, you should hire an experienced accounting firm. Any deal of real estate brokerage or development is a taxable event that involves taxes and tax reporting. S|CPA Group includes a wide range of concentrated Real Estate Services including:

      • Audits
      • Financial Reports
      • Tax Planning
      • Real Estate Advisory
      • Business Valuation
      • Transaction Services