Tax Audit Services & IRS Audit Services
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Business Audit Services

Rather than worry about getting the dreaded letter from the IRS, we help businesses prepare ahead of time with our business financial tax audits.
You may already have a business tax preparer that you like working with, and while you trust that they are doing things correctly, having some help in advance tax audit planning can reveal areas where you may want to address things.
During our business tax audit services, we will go over what you can expect from the IRS as it relates to your business taxes and the different forms that are required to be filed each year as well as each quarter. We will provide you with a starter list of the things that they will be looking for from you in order to verify a number of things. From here come the various financial statements and forms that are required to be filed annually as well as quarterly.
In many cases, getting audited doesn’t just include the previous year of taxes filed, but instead can include several past years of tax information and documents. They do this to help spot anomalies between tax years and to see if things are adding up as they should. Putting in the time before an actual audit happens will put you and your team more at ease and will have the right documents prepared to be as accommodating as possible with the IRS.

Your Local Texas Accountant for Tax Audit Help

We have several accountants that specialize in tax audits and can provide you with answers to your questions regarding a tax audit.