Construction Accountants
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Why You Need a CPA for Construction

The landscape of the construction industry has shifted. Navigating the strict requirements for bonds, lending, and other financial processes can prove challenging for many contractors.
Our CPAs will take the stress out of accounting for you. We’ll apply our expertise and experience to your construction company’s unique circumstances and develop a plan that suits your needs and paves the way for your work.
We want to help you meet your goals, save money, and maximize your profit opportunities. To do so, we dig into the details.

Job Costing

Construction accounting requires more specificity than other industries. Rather than a steady, consolidated means of reporting costs, construction companies track expenses for each project – a practice referred to as job costing.
When you work with us, our team will help you organize financial statements for each project to track costs and determine how a project’s overall costs will factor into state and local taxes. Likewise, we can assist you in compiling financial statements to prepare for a meeting with bonding agents.

Construction Financial Statement Preparation

Construction companies must gather financial statements before securing bonds and examining these financial records can also help diagnose the current state of your business.
As a small business owner, you have a tremendous responsibility on your shoulders. Sometimes it’s hard to monitor finances as closely as you should — especially when trying to meet your construction deadlines! With the help of our detail-oriented accountants, we can assist you in assessing your business’ financial wellness and devise a strategy to improve it.

Payroll & Construction Bookkeeping

The complicated nature of construction accounting doesn’t stop with the cost of the projects themselves. Paying the employees involved in each project and reporting those payments is a sizable task to complete alone.
Allow our team of skilled construction accountants to assist you with any challenge you may face. We are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the construction industry. With our insight, you can simplify this complex process and focus on growing your company.
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The Ideal Accounting Firm for Construction Companies

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